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Emergency Resources
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B. Emergency Grants

Ad Relief of Greater Los Angeles 
Ad Relief of Greater Los Angeles (formerly Advertising Industry Emergency Fund) is a volunteer organization made up of advertising and promotions people brought together to help their colleagues in times of life crisis. If you or an industry peer has an accident or experiences some form of life crisis, is unable to work and can’t afford outstanding bills—and have exhausted all personal assets — Ad Relief might be able to help.
Mailing Address:
11700 National Blvd., Suite L #125
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Telephone: 310-397-7830
Email: [email protected]

American Documentary: Artist Emergency Fund
American Documentary (AmDoc) welcomes applications from nonfiction mediamakers who are facing financial emergencies due to unforeseen personal calamities such as health issues, eviction, or disasters. These one-time grants are a direct response to concerns about low salaries and overall sustainability within the documentary field, especially among emerging and underrepresented mediamakers. To date, this is the first fund of its kind dedicated to supporting mediamakers working in nonfiction.
Email: [email protected] 

Broadcasters' Foundation
The Broadcasters Foundation of America provides an anonymous safety net to men and women in the radio and television broadcast profession in cases of critical illness or crisis.
Mailing Address:
125 West 55th Street
21st Floor
New York, NY 10019-5366
Telephone: 212-373-8250
Fax: 212-373-8254
Email: [email protected]

Directors Guild Foundation
The DGA provides confidential loans to members who are facing short term financial hardship.
Mailing Address:
Directors Guild of America
New York Headquarters
110 West 57th Street
New York, New York 10019
Telephone: (310) 289-20374
[email protected]

Motion Picture and Television Fund
Emergency financial assistance is available for qualifying industry members who experience financial hardship due to illness, disability, unemployment or other reasons.
Mailing Address:

23388 Mulholland Drive
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
855-760-MPTF (6783)
[email protected]  

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