NYFA: New York Foundation for the Arts
Address 1916 Association Drive
Reston,VA 20191-1590
Phone Number (703)860-8000
Fax Number (703)860-2960
TTY Number (000)000-0000
Email [email protected]
Website http://www.naea-reston.org
Executive Director Deborah B. Reeve
Founding Year 1947
Incorporating Year 0
Mission Statement To represent the art teachers of the country, to improve the teaching of art, encourage research and experimentation in art education, hold public discussions, sponsor institutes, conferences and programs, publish articles, reports and surveys, and work with other related agencies.
Program Name Mary McMullan Grants
Program Contact Ms. Kathleen Levin, Program/Development Officer
Program Phone (703) 860-8000
Program Email [email protected]
Year Program Founded 0
Description of Program The National Art Education Foundation (NAEF) invites proposals for support of projects that promote art education as an integral part of the curriculum; to establish and/or improve the instruction of art in public and private elementary and secondary schools as well as schools of higher education in the US. What is funded through this grant program : The following areas will be considered for funding: Curriculum Models: • Development of model in-school art education programs targeting selected participants as ongoing components of the curriculum • Teacher development of models that focus on student-centered solutions to art education curriculum • Development of curriculum models that focus on global perspectives of art resources. Pilot Projects: • Development of pilot projects focusing on teacher training and student learning emphasizing the approved goals of the National Art Education Association Policy Models • Development of models that promote quality art education to educators, business leaders, and policy makers— people in positions to effect lasting improvements in the status of art education.
Conditions/Public Service Requirements
Award Website http://www.arteducators.org/grants/national-art-education-foundation
Where does the program take place?
Does this program primarily support the creation of new work? No
Support or Services Provided as part of the Program
    Description of Support or Services
    Amount Awarded by this Program (if an award) 2500.00
    Related Arts
    Arts-Related ProfessionsTeaching Artist/Arts Educator
    Residency Programs Open to Applicants Living in Any US State, Territory, or Indian Nation
    Can Previous Awardees Re-apply? Yes W/ Restrictions
    • No Requirement
    Career Point
    • No Requirement
    Special Population
    • No Requirement
    Other Restrictions ELIGIBILITY: The NAEF Grant Program is open to active NAEA members who have been members for at least one year prior to the date of application; to state/province associations of NAEA; and to recognized special issues groups of NAEA. All eligible applicants are encouraged to apply. Previous funding is not a guarantee of future funding. INELIGIBILITY (Applicants who are not eligible to apply): • NAEA membership will not be processed at the time of application for the purpose of meeting grant deadlines. • Applications from individuals who are members of only the state/province association are not considered NAEA members. Individuals must have an NAEA ID# in order to apply. • Applications from non-members will not be considered. • Applications from nonprofit organizations or institutions will not be considered. • NAEA members may not apply on behalf of the nonprofit organization or institution where they work. Individual NAEA members who are employed in nonprofit organizations or institutions may apply for eligible proposals in any category; however, NAEA members may not apply for the organization’s project “on behalf of their organization.”
    Total Number of Applicants (annually) 0
    Total Number of Recipients (annually) 0
    Total Number of Awards (annually) 0
    Total Amount Awarded by this Program (annually) $0
    Procedure Open Application
    Contact Requirements Mail 6 collated copies of the completed cover page, checklist, the proposal, and attachments to: Mary McMullan Grants National Art Education Foundation 1806 Robert Fulton Drive, Suite 300, Reston, VA 20191
    Material/Process A proposal for a Mary McMullan Grant must include the following: • A completed cover sheet • A completed checklist • Title of the project • Project/Proposal description (1-2 sentences) • Statement of the problem or need • Description of the population to be served • Project objectives • Specific activities to accomplish each objective • Duration of project • Timeline of project activities with dates (i.e. month or time period: Summer 2011, Fall 2011, etc.) • One-page statement of anticipated benefits • One-page detailed budget (see Budget Guidelines) that: • Itemizes and justified all funding being sought • Clearly identifies the use of Mary McMullan Grant funds • Appendices • Resumés of key personnel • Letter of endorsement of this project from an administrator with authority to approve it. TOTAL LENGTH OF THE PROPOSAL: EIGHT (8) pages maximum, EXCLUDING appendices, the cover page, checklist. FORMAT: 30 lines per page, font size no smaller than 10 points, 8 ½” x 11” paper, one side only. SIX (6) collated copies of the Complete Proposal must be enclosed in one package.
    Application Fee $0
    Exact Deadline 10/1/2011
    Approximate Deadline
    Rolling Deadline No
    Ideal Contact Month for New Application and Guidelines August
    Selection Process/Criteria Applications are reviewed at the NAEF Trustees Annual Meeting in March or April.
    Notification Process Notification occurs on or before June 1st.
    Are awardees required to submit a Final Report? True
    Awardee's Public Service Requirement?